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9 Tips From Your Parents That You Shouldn't Forget

Think before you speak
It's just true. If you just blurt out everything you think, it could have bad consequences. So the golden rule: "Think before you speak," is one certainly would not forget.

Don't forget to enjoy life!
Your parents want nothing more than to see you happy. Take the words "Carpe Diem" seriously and enjoy life. As a result, and a bonus, your parents will also be happy.

Do not call or text while driving
You wonder how they know it, but they know it! They don't want bad things to happen to you. We all do it sometimes, however, calling or texting while driving. This makes you pay less attention to your driving however and  accidents happen in the blink of an eye. So pay attention!

Learn from your mistakes
You can do anything with your parents and they will be happy to explain anything to you, but there comes a time when you just to experience the world. Failing isn't just something all humans must endure sometimes, but you will also learn from it.

Make the most of it
Sometimes you find yourself in situations that are not so pleasant. Make the best of it. The best advice you can get: Be an optimist rather than a pessimist!

You are beautiful
Okay, you hear your parents say this multiple times, right? They love you, because they are your parents. However, it is always nice to hear. It's good for your confidence and you're beautiful as you are. For them, you are thee most beautiful person ever.

Choose your friends wisely
In your teens your first and sometimes life-long friendships are made. Some survive, some do not. Your parents have a neutral view of your friends. Listen to their advice. Maybe you are blinded and can not see the real person your friend is.

Get enough sleep, but don't lay in bed all day
You like to sleep in until late in the afternoon and you wonder why your parents always get up so early? Simple, it's because there's still plenty of time to sleep. Enjoy every moment you have. There are so many things to do, see and experience. Why waste too much time sleeping?

Relationship advice
For some this sometimes gets a little uncomfortable but as I've already mentioned, your parents want you to be happy and will always protect you. Don't take their opinion for granted, instead, use it. Who knows, maybe they are right!

Do you use the advice your parents gave you?