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9 Signs That You Have Too Much Stress

A deadline here, a project there and a nagging friend because you have too little time to meet up with them. You are constantly on the go and four hours of sleep a night has become a habit. Do you recognize these nine signs? If so, you might experience too much stress!

Your bed is your greatest friend

Okay, everyone has these mornings when you just can not get out of bed, but your relationship with your bed has become something more intimate than it was before. You haven't been able to get out of bed like you used to for weeks. It has gotten significantly more difficult to get up and start the day. Stress is really fatal for your energy level and your sleeping schedule, you will see that when you have less stress, you will sleep much better.

You're not asleep

Hours and hours of staring at the ceiling worrying, turning and thinking. It's logical that stress is something that wears you out, as you sleep less because of it!

You're sick, every day

Because stress weakens your immune system and your resistance will be much worse, you will find that you catch one cold after tackling the other and flus do not seem to go away so easily. Have you felt sick often this year? Chances are it's because of stress.

You lose everything

Your memory is worse than it was as you're continuously losing your belongings. Your keys, mobile phone and wallet have managed to dispensary many times. Also, you can not think properly during tests and during class: ''1 + 1 is 4, right?"

Your head feels like it's going to explode

Your muscles contract when you're stressed and this might turn into a serious headache. Would you let your muscles relax for a minute? Try to sit up straight, take a deep breath and put your chin towards your chest, then move your head from left to right and vice versa. Relax!

Your romantic thoughts are gone

Before, you could easily reminisce about your boyfriend and your nice evenings together. But where did these thoughts go lately? Stress can cause you to feel less in love and sexually attracted to your boyfriend, which is not okay!

You're an emotional wreck

A sad movie? You immediately burst into tears. A sad book? Same story. Even when you try to hit a mosquito, you can't hold in your tears. It's not odd, because stress makes you much more irritable than usual.

Your stomach always hurts

When you eat something, you're sick. When you don't eat, you're sick too. However there's an logical explanation to it: cells inside our bodies respond to stress. There are many neurotransmitters in your stomach that transmit energy to the rest of your body, including stress.

Are you breathing right?

You seem to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Even you do not know how to breathe and suddenly, everything collapses completely. You try to breathe, which makes you hyperventilate. Also for this is: relaxation is the best medicine.