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9 Moments When It's Okay To Cancel Plans

Your ex is present

Because, well, awkwardness galore! There are few couples who split up as friends. Nine times out of ten, a rendez vous with your ex is an uncomfortable encounter. You'll feel like running away when you catch a glimpse of him!

You had a bad day at work

We'll all have a terrible bad day at work every once in a while. Instead of saying yes to drinks with friends, you'd better stay home. A bad mood is no fun, your friends will understand this perfectly well.

The local hotspot is too expensive for your budget

You are short on cash and your girlfriends want to dine out? Save yourself the stress and worries and just say no.

You just moved

Moving is stressful. No excuses needed.

You have to work on your relationship

Of course you will still want to see your friends, but when you work on your relationship, it is a good idea to spend a little extra time with your partner.

You forgot another appointment 

We are only human. Sometimes we make mistakes when it comes to planning. The fairest solution is to go to the first appointment you made and, if possible, combine your second appointment with the first. If that is not possible at all, offer your sincere apologies to them and immediately plan a new appointment.

Your ex is also going to be present

You guys shouldn't be running into each other. It's always best to avoid a confrontational chat with your ex.

You're on a diet

Unless the plans have absolutely nothing to do with food, it is understandable that you say no. We all know that good intentions do not last long in a restaurant full of delicious dishes.

You are sick

It's cold outside and you've been already feeling a little unwell lately. Instead of going on until you feel completely miserable, it might be a better idea to rest.