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8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Shy Guy

Being shy is quite recognizable to many, not just girls are shy. Guys are shy too! And there are many reasons for you to date a shy guy!


Having a conversation with him is great! He lets you finish and he will never take the lead in the conversation.

Good advice

He may be shy, but if you ask him for his help with a problem you face and he will always give you honest and good advice.


Because he is shy, he talks less and he takes the time focus on the little details. This means that he is interested in you and it is obviously useful if you just do not know what to do anymore! Or, if you're very forgetful, as he has noted it all down in his mind.


Yes, let's just face it, it is quite attractive and adorable when you see him sitting there and he is feeling shy or nervous.


You feel very comfortable around him and even if there is a silence, it isn't an awkward silence. You can chat about anything, but if you Guus are quietly watching TV without saying a word to each other, it's also okay to do so.


This boy will listen to you and concentrate on what you're saying during the entire conversation.


This boy will surprise you more than the average guy. He finds it difficult to turn his feelings into words. He will therefore often give you a small gift or a big hug instead of telling you he loves you. Nothing wrong with that, right?


He will also show a lot of respect for you and thank you for everything you are doing.
Would you date a shy boy? Or would you prefer a social butterfly?