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7 Ways To Get Motivated

A board full of inspiration

Create an board full of inspirational thoughts and images! Collect photographs, quotes and other things that make you happy and put it on a piece of cardboard or a canvas. Then, put it in your room. This way you are always reminded of the things that make you happy and inspiration is always nearby. It'll give you motivation to achieve your goals.

Write down what you've accomplished so far

Make a list of things you've accomplished so far. Be careful, passing a difficult exam and getting accepted for a nice job also count! This way you can look back to your successes, it'll motivate you to become even more successful!

Set a goal and tell others about it 

If you have a goal in mind and you keep it to yourself, it is easier to let go of it. Because your goal is made public, for example by posting a status about on Facebook, others will be able motivate you. Your friends will push in the right direction when you feel like quitting.

Talk to successful people

If you feel like quitting, it is very inspiring to talk to successful people. For example, people who have achieved things that you also would like to achieve. They can give advice and tips on achieving your goals. They also know what is like to experience hardship. They are living proof of the fact that if you go for something you really want, you can get it. Sometimes that's just that little bit of extra motivation you need.

Think about the results

Continue to stimulate yourself by focusing on the results. What are you doing it for? Do not focus on the setbacks you're facing on your way to your achievements. You will not get there without mistakes or major setbacks every once in a while, remember, success never comes easily! Keep your goal in mind and do not turn away from what you would like to achieve!

Do not be afraid to ask for help

Sometimes you reach a point when you get stuck. Do not be afraid to ask anyone for help. It can be very enlightening to hear someone else's opinion. Who knows, it might motivate you and give you ideas so you can get back on track!

Don't set idealistic goals

Many people set big goals for themselves. These goals are often so idealistic that they seem impossible sometimes. If you have set such a goal for yourself, take it easy! For example if you would like to lose 20 kilos of weight, do not focus on those 20 kilos right away. Section i
t in multiple "small goals", for example, 4 kg. Every time you reach such a smaller goal, you're allowed to throw a little party. This will motivate you to go to and reach the ultimate goal.

How do you motivate yourself (or others)?