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7 Things You Can Shamelessly Share With Your Boyfriend

It's okay to be holding back when you're at the beginning of your relationship, it's only logical. You don't know everything about each other yet and you want to behave as feminine as possible. Still, there are some things you shouldn't feel ashamed about.

You are hungry

This may sound silly, but many girls wouldn't dare to tell their boyfriend that they are hungry. Are you afraid that he will think you're fat enough as you are? Of course he doesn't feel like that. Everyone should just eat when they feel like it, so you should be able to tell him that you are feeling hungry. He probably has brought something delicious for you anyway.

You are menstruating

Again, this is something you just have to be open about. He knows that all women menstruate. And you'd better be honest about your period when you're feeling a little cranky, at least then he'll know why.

You do not like the movie he has chosen

If you go watch a movie together and he chooses a movie you don't like, you should just let him know about it. Do not pretend you like it, when you're bored, because if you do, it's not going to be a fun experience for either one of you.

You're still a virgin

This is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! Do not be afraid that he will find it stupid that you have no experience, it's fine. In fact, he probably thinks the idea that he is your first is totally rad anyway!

You need help

No matter why, or when, it's always okay to ask for help. Okay, obviously you shouldn't whine about every little thing, but boys are generally like to help. It gives them an ego boost, because it allows them to show that they can be there for you when you need them. Just ask for help and watch the magic enfold.

You are sad

If you're feeling blue, it is important to let him know what's going on. If you do not tell your boyfriend what's going on in your head, it may very well happen that he will (unconsciously) do things that you do not like. Talking is the key when it comes to establishing a healthy relationship, so do this whatsoever.

You are in trouble with your parents

No family is perfect, even yours isn't. And his isn't either, so you have no reason to be embarrassed if you have problems at home. If you talk to him about what you feel, you'll feel much better. He is the one who knows you best, so he probably knows how to cheer you up.

Have you ever felt ashamed of something that you had to tell your significant other?