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6 Cute And Original Ideas To Celebrate Your Anniversary

You are officially together for a year now and you want to celebrate this special day doing something fun. What are the best ways to celebrate your anniversary ?

A romantic holiday

Relaxing on a tropical white sand beach or explore the most beautiful spots in a city. As long as you are together and new memories are made, it's all good. Everything is always more romantic and memorable when you do it abroad!

Disconnect from the outside world

You do not need anything special to celebrate your milestone. Stay indoors, but don't forget to pick out a fine wine and make sure there is enough to snack. Then you guys should both put your phone away to make sure you can not be disturbed. Create an atmosphere by providing the room with candles and simply enjoy each other. It does not even matter what you do as long as you guys are together!

Recreate your first date

Book at the restaurant where have you went on your first date or go back to the park where you have met each other for the first time. Whatever it is, it will bring back the memories of your first moments together. You'll go back to that moment and the feel in love again.

Got to a festival together 

When your special day is in the summer, there are many more outdoorsy ways to celebrate your anniversary. There are plenty of summer festivals to go. Find a line-up of acts that appeal to both of you and just go and enjoy yourself.

Arrange a photo shoot

It is fun to capture memories with a picture, you should make an tradition to do so every year on your special day.

Do something you both have never done before

For example, go skydiving or take cooking lessons. Think about it in advance, so that can be sure that it is something you both like to do.

What do you do for fun on your anniversary?