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5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Own Relationship

Ignoring phone calls and text messages

For a good relationship it is key to have adapted open communication. If you do not have time for your partner's needs, there's no relationship. Ignoring each other is never a solution!

Canceling plans because you don't feel like going

Occasionally you may want to cancel, but if this happens every week, there is more to it. If you find yourself canceling plans continuously, it's time to be honest with yourself and your partner and maybe even put an end to your relationship.

Everything should revolve around you

A relationship takes two! It does not always have to be just about you. Also do something your partner likes at least occasionally and try to stop assuming that life revolves solely around you.

You would rather not talk things out

Working things out often means that you have to go deeper into the issues you guys face and that you sometimes need to expose yourself a little more than you may have intended at first. If you'd rather not do that, unfortunately also means that your relationship will not last very long. Avoiding hassles and problems only means that there'll be more problems in the long run.

You make more plans for yourself 

If you planned your future without your partner, it's clear that there'll never be place for your partner in the future, and you should let them know about this. Don't ever lead someone on, it's mean and a waste of time

Have you ever (unconsciously) sabotaged a relationship?