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5 Tips To Be Happy Everyday

Happiness is often just around corner. With these tips every day is guaranteed to be a bit more fun! Fortunately, we are the ones creating our own happiness and you can make the most of every day with these tips.

Choose one thing to look forward to every day

To be honest, a whole day in the classroom or office can quickly become a routine, but that should not keep you from doing something fun every day. Plan an activity or a moment that you can look forward to throughout the whole day. Think of a new episode of your favorite series, a Pinterest recipe, a delicious piece of chocolate or a warm bath!

Get active

After a long day's work, an hour in the gym may not be the first thing on your mind, but trust me, you are really happier when you are more active. There are countless studies that have proven that when we do something active, you will instantly get happier. So feel free to plan a fun class at the gym, or take a walk around the block.

Do something nice for someone else                                   
Ever noticed that your mood instantly gets a boost when you do something nice for someone?

Spend more time outdoors

Go outdoors when the sun shines! Vitamin D in the sun's rays improve your  bones, will lower blood pressure. It is scientifically proven that such actions will improve your happiness.Surprise your boyfriend or best friend with a small gift, give a homeless person some change; they are happy, you are happy. A win-win!                  
Take time for physical pleasure

Food, sports or a nice long shower; often we do it without thinking about it. Your task is to consider the next time what you are doing. Taste every bite, feel the drops of sweat on your forehead and enjoy the warm shower afterwards. When you analyze your body and consider when it feels good, you bring your mind and body closer together.

What are your strategies to become happier?