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5 Signs That You're Addicted To Food

Do you plan your evening meal while you're still working your way through lunch? Welcome to my world! Do the following five situations sound familiar to you? Then it may be time to detox and create changes in your diet. 

You Have Absolutely No Self-Control

The first sign of a food addiction is when you have no self-discipline when it comes to eating. When someone offers you food you have a difficult time saying no and it's hard for you not to give in to your desires. What to do in order to change this, you ask? Start by writing down everything that you eat during the day and count  calories. This gives you a better and clearer idea of ​​your daily intake.

You eat until you really can not take in any more 

Instead of eating just one serving, you eat the whole thing whether you feel full or not. Resulting in a serious food-coma and feelings of guilt, thoughts about your weight and lower self-esteem, which often result in a vicious circle of constantly eating away your emotions.
Try to eat just one serving, concentrating on what you're having and consciously eating and waiting at least twenty minutes before having your next serving. You might not even feel really hungry after the twenty minutes have passed.
You think of what you'll eat after at dinner

A meal is something to enjoy and once it's finished, it's usually time proceed with other activities until the next meal. The food must be satisfying enough to make you feel full and give you enough energy for the next few hours. When you think about what you're going to eat after a meal while you're still eating, you're not aware of what you're having right now and you will have the wrong mindset when it comes to food. Find out why you're hungry so soon after a meal and what exactly you desire. Often it has to do with a low intake of a particular vitamin or emotional factors like sadness, stress or boredom. Adjust your diet or try to find solutions other than eating to control your emotions.

Horticultural Hamster!

Desserts and extra snacks can be hu
gely tempting, but quite honestly, do you really need all it? Nope. To my knowledge there is no good reason to binge, so, yes, you can live without all that unnecessary food. If your pantry is crammed with food, it's time for a cleaning. For example, take out all the food you don't really need.

Planning ahead is important

When you wake up in the morning, you should know what you're going to eat the rest of the day. If there's planning in your life, your diet will be adapted to that. Busy people aren't thinking about dessert or snacks. This is the mindset you want to work towards.
Life has so much to offer instead of just food, raise your energy levels by eating right and plan fun activities with or without friends such as visiting museums, join a sports club or go for a long walk. 

Eat to live, don't live to eat.