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4 Ways To Not Sabotage Your Relationship

Sometimes it seems like everyone around you is in a happy, long-standing relationships, whereas your relationships never last longer than a month or two. Is it you or the person you're currently dating? How can you avoid disappointment in relationships?

Have no expectations

As women, we usually like to think ahead. How does his name sound after your surname? What will your children would look like? All of these thoughts seem very cute at first, but it's the worst thing you can do. You'll unconsciously create all these expectations and situations in your mind that may never occur. So do not go too fast and take each moment as it is.

Learn to love yourself

Often, what we look for in a partner are things we wish we had ourselves. Try to close this gap by truly loving yourself. A relationship should not change you completely, but rather complement your personality and life.

Do not judge and do not look anywhere something behind

When your friend wants to go out with his friends, don't ask yourself why he wants to do that instead of spending time with you. He is also a man with his own needs and if he wants to hang with his friends without you it does not mean he does not love you! Also do not expect the worst when he does not answer his phone. He probably has a good (and innocent) reason for why he isn't available right now.

Do not be a control freak

Do not try to adjust everything you come across. With this you do not only sabotage yourself because not everything can meet your expectations, but you also sabotage the relationship. Instead of making everything as perfect as possible, take the time to enjoy the moments you spend
together. Go with the flow!