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27 Ways To Fall Asleep Easier

Previously, it always seemed to help to count sheep when you could not sleep. However, we all know this gets pretty dull at times so let's learn about a few other tips to fall asleep.

1. Make your bedroom dark.

2. Put earplugs in so you won't hear all the sounds that distract you.

3. Pull thick socks on and put your pajama pants in it, so you get nice and warm.

4. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes right before you go to bed.

5. Think of something good or something beautiful when you try to go to sleep.

6. Try not to be agitated, but remain calm if you can not get to sleep.

7. Resist the temptation to let your pet in your bedroom.

8. Take a warm shower before you crawl into bed.

9. Drink milk or other warm beverage without caffeine before sleeping.

10. Do some stretching exercises before you go to sleep.

11. Wear a sleep mask.

12. Invest in a good mattress.

13. Put your phone away when you get in bed.

14. Make sure that your get enough exercise during the day.

15. Make your bedroom cozy with cute pillows and accessories.

16. Take a hot water bottle to bed.

17. Keep a firm sleep rhythm.

18. Avoid the computer (and preferably also the TV) an hour before you go to bed.

19. Don't nap during the day.

20. Read a book in bed (no, not on your e-reader!)

21. Listen to soothing music to sleep.

22. Meditate before bedtime.

23. Do not go to bed while feeling hungry.

24. Follow the same routine every night before going to sleep.

25. Talk about your problems before you go to sleep.

26. Make sure the temperature in your room is good. Not too cold, not too hot.

27. Do breathing exercises.

What is your tip to get to sleep more quickly?