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20 Situations In Which You Simply Can't Live Without Your Phone

When you are waiting for public transport and it's announced that there is a delay. Time to waste some time on Facebook.

When you don't want to cook so you order your food on your way home.

When you have forgotten your MP3 player at home and you're in the gym already.

When you are lost, Google Maps is your friend.

When you are at the hairdresser's and you have already read all the interesting magazines that lay around there.

When you run into your ex at a party and want to let him think that you already have a new love that you have to text or call.

When you're date is a disaster.

When you just can not concentrate in class.

When your friends are on their phone too when hanging out.

When you've been through something and you feel the urge to tell someone straight away through Facebook or Snapchat.

When you lost your friends while hanging out and a scary old man is trying to hit on you.

When your date goes to the bathroom.

When you and your girlfriend go to the nail salon going for manicures and pedicures. You guys just didn't expect it to be so crowded there and you guys are, therefore, not getting your treatment at the same time.

When you have absolutely no understanding of the topic being discussed at a party.

When your roommate is in bed and you want to decide what you will eat before getting up.

When the only person you know at a party went to bed earlier than you expected them to.

When you have agreed with your girlfriends to go out to eat, but you're there an half hour early.

When you're on your way to the cinema and you want to read online reviews of the new movie.

When you are waiting in a long line.

When you see someone in the distance you want to say hi.