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14 Tips To Survive Monday (Morning)

So you woke up this morning and there it is, once again, trying to get you down. The most hated day of the week is here once again, yes, I'm talking about Monday

Say no to snoozing

Snoozing actually only makes you more sleeping. Therefore, no more snoozing for you! Get up when the alarm goes off. No excuses!

Take a cold shower

This may not be for everyone but this one is guaranteed to wake you up right away. Don't hesitate to take a cold shower, if you're brave enough to, that is. 

You're allowed to play games

Teasing your brain in the morning ensures that you warm-up your brain which will allow you to concentrate quicker and more easily.

Create a nice playlist

Nothing is a better motivator than a dose of good music. Put your favorite tunes in a playlist to kick-start your Monday and make it a little more bearable. 

Go out

There's nothing wrong with taking a walk around the block in the morning which will make you feel brand new. 

Make fun plans

Make sure you have something nice on to look forward to, it'll make Monday a lot more bearable. Make plans for Monday as early as during the weekend.


After getting up, engage in yoga. It'll make you feel more energized and less stressed out, just what you need ahead of Monday. 

Take the time to look nice 

It might be tempting to go for the easy way out by not doing anything to look nice on Monday. But, instead, go crazy! Go for that pink lipstick and classy outfit and you'll immediately feel so much better.

Make yourself feel comfortable

Make sure you encounter absolutely NO unnecessary obstacles on Monday. This can be done by planning out your outfit the evening before, have your lunch and stuff ready for the day after so your morning will be less stressful and therefore more enjoyable.

"Good morning!"

Wish everyone around you a ''good morning''. It might seem a little dull at first, but it'll make you feel better about your morning as well!

Take frequent breaks

So you hardly take any breaks during the day? It's time for a change. Live from break to break, clear your mind. Before you know it, the day is done. 

Chat to your friends 

Please take a few minutes to discuss your weekend with colleagues and friends. It'll turn into a cozy Monday morning!

Coffee is allowed

Coffee is allowed, but in moderation. Have a nice cup. Or two. Or maybe even three, if you really crave it. 

Treat yourself at lunchtime

To make it a little less bad, from now on, Monday will be the day on which you're having something nice during lunchtime. Just allow yourself to have a treat, you've deserved it! 

Do you have any tips on how to make it through Monday morning? Let us know in the comments section below!