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14 Irritations Of Working At The Grocery Store

1. Customers who are too hyper and express it to you.

2. Customers that come in five minutes before the store closes.

3. People who think they should ask for the store manager when you can not help you immediately.

4. Minimum wage.

5. Filling shelves at times that you actually were still supposed to be in bed.

6. Customers who make the same jokes every time at the checkout.

7. Customers who resent you things you can not do anything.

8. People who put products that have already been opened back on the shelves.

9. Asking youngsters for their ID when you already know their age.

10. The splendid uniforms.

11. Being the maid of the canteen.

12. People who leave baskets at impossible places in the store.

13. Clients who can talk to you for hours at the checkout.

14. The smell of fresh bread when you are hungry.

Have you ever worked at a grocery store? What were your biggest irritations?