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13 Struggles Of Living Alone

One thing's for sure; you find yourself having plenty of me-time, but there is no one to scratch your back if you have an itch or to soothe you when you're sick...

1. Dinner is never served.

2. During dinner there is no one to talk to. 

3. You have to do the dishes yourself.

4. There is no one with whom you can watch your favorite series.

5. If you wake up from scary sounds in the middle of the night, you're going to have the be the hero yourself.

6. If you have itching at an unreachable place on your back, there's nobody who can scratch it for you.

7. Those zippers on the back of your dresses are left open. 

8. No one opens the door when you've locked yourself out.

9. Who makes soup for you when you feel ill? Correct: nobody!

10. You can't blame anyone but yourself for the mess you've made inside your house.

11. There is no one to share the rent with.

12. It's impossible to finish meals that were meant for two people.

13. There is no one to wake you up when your alarm clock didn't do so.