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12 Recognizable fitting room-struggles

We love to shop! Although we prefer to skip the changing room.

1. Changing rooms that are so small that you can't even turn around in them.

2. That annoying shop assistant that stops you from going in the fitting rooms because you're only allowed to bring five items in at once.

3. Looking for your friend who is in one of those rooms. "Put your leg out again, I so I can see where you are!"
4. Fitting rooms without a mirror that force you to come out so you can see the outfit.

5. When the fitting rooms are locked and there's no staff member available.

6. The card you get with the number of items you want to change, forgetting to bring back in the booth.

7. The lights in shops and locker rooms, that make the item seem to have a
different color indoors.

8. Store associates who want to sell as much as possible, "Oh yeah, this would fit you really well too, you know!"

9. It is always hot in there.

10. The queues

11. Curtains which don't close properly so that you can see through the crack.

12. There are no proper hooks for you to hang your clothing.

At what fitting room-struggles you always come across?