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12 Items That Every Woman Should Add To Her Home In Her 30s

Baking tools
You find yourself at a stage in your life where you spend more time at home. If you enjoy cooking, you might also find a new hobby in baking. Buy baking tools and a fun book with recipes. Go ahead and let your friends and family benefit from your new techniques.

Invest in proper wine and soda glasses. Get rid of those old, childlike prints. You and your friends will drink out of "adult" glasses from now on.

A beautiful carpet in the living room gives the room something extra immediately. Go for a nice print or something extravagant. Something which clearly shows that you live there.
Do you work at home sometimes? Treat yourself to a well furnished offic. Get rid of all papers, pens and cables on the sofa or dining table. A desk, a chair and proper lighting is a must. This will also look a lot more peaceful and professional immediately.

Flowers and plants
Look for a nice houseplant. A green home radiates warmth and adds a fresh look to the room. Remember that you now also have the responsibility to care for this plant!

All those clothes in storage boxes or clothes racks must go! Buy a decent wardrobe and neatly sort your clothes. There is nothing as nice as a
tidy wardrobe.

A beautiful painting in the living room exudes maturity straight away. If you do not have a favorite artist yet, go look for paintings that suit you.

Buy a bed in which you can get a decent night's sleep. You're at an age where fatigue will become more noticeable. A mattress that allows your body to rest well, isn't just a luxury, it's also a must-have.

Picture frames with pictures of friends and family make your place more personal. It shows that it's the home of someone who has relationships. There are plenty of beautiful, creative frames that you can hang on your wall.

You do not necessarily need drills and saws in the house, but a box with hammer and some nails, a screwdriver and pliers is certainly a must-have. How are you going to hang all those nice picture frames otherwise?

Fire extinguisher
This might sound very logical, but do you have one in your house? This is something you should think about, so why not go and get one now? A fire extinguisher in your home creates a sense of safety. Just make sure you read how to use it.

If you live on your own, people are more inclined to give flowers as a gift when they visit. Beautiful flowers belong in a beautiful vase. It is of course not recommended to put expensive roses in a bucket.

What's the first thing you would change at home when you enter a new phase in your life?