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12 (Free) Things All Girls Want Their Boyfriends To Do For them

"The best things in life are free."

1. Romance. Duh!

2. A good morning text, every morning.

3. A compliment when you went to the hairdresser, without having to give a hint first.

4. Breakfast in bed.

5. Back, head and foot massages.

6. Taking pictures together (for Instagram).

7. That he lets you win games, to make you feel good. (Without you figuring out he made you win!)

8. Fantasizing about a future together (marrying and having children!).

9. That he puts the toilet seat down himself after using the toilet.

10. Falling asleep in his arms, even though it's super uncomfortable for him.

11. That he doesn't mind your hairy legs in winter because you're not willing to shave.

12. Watch your favorite chick flicks together!

What do you secretly wish that your boyfriend would do?