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11 Signs That He's Into You

It's clear that you like him, but how does this boy feel about you? The attraction is mutual when..

He always messages back right away

When you don't really like someone, it can take you hours to message back, if you do answer back at all. But, this guy, he's always sending you a message back instantly.

He always seems to be in a town near you

But never too close. He sits a few rows behind you in history, coincidentally runs past you during the break and when you are on your way home you often run into him.

You catch him staring at you

Especially when he looks away immediately when you look at him watching you. Is he blushing? Then you can be almost certain that he has a crush on you.

He often asks you things which he could easily ask one of his friends

In which class you will have lessons, for example.

He will always be the first offering to help you 

Boys like to help the girls they like because this is an easy way to spend more time with you without having to ask you out.

He does not talk about other girls when you're around

Not even when his friends start to discuss girls.

He always asks if you want to eat something

Men prefer not to share their food, so when he does, you must be very special to him!

It remains somewhere special for you any longer than necessary

Time is precious. If he decides to spend a lot of his time with you, you are worth it to him!

He notices your new haircut or outfit right away

Men never really notice any changes in a girl's appearance until they really like her. When they do, they suddenly pay attention to every detail.

He calls you

These days, Facebook and WhatsApp are easy ways to quickly send someone a message and stay in touch without getting very personal. If he calls you to 'just to talk', then you know he likes you!

He touches you 

Laying his hand on your arm, a playful push or other inconspicuous ways of touching you often mean only one thing: he's into you!

How do you show that you have a crush on someone?