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10 Ways To Make Every Day A Party

Sometimes it seems like nothing can cheer you up again. Time for change! After all, every day is designed to be a party and why w
ould we waste this opportunity?

Put a smile on your face

Yes, really. Even though you feel bad, force yourself to smile. Yes, it might sound cheesy, but according to studies, only a minute of laughter improves your mood instantly.

Make the people around you happy

Share a joke or start an conversation by asking a question with a stranger is not only a way to get out of your comfort zone, but it has a huge impact on the recipient. You can you still remember that time when a total stranger went out of their way to compliment you. Both getting and receiving compliments and sharing interests will boost your mood.

Don't allow yourself to complain

Unless complaining to someone else puts a smile on their face, you can easily teach yourself it's better not to complain. Complaining won't make you feel happier and others have probably also had enough of you after listening to your negativity for ten minutes. Take a deep breath, think of something fun and stop yourself from complaining.

Be all ears

Paying attention to someone is one thing, to really listen is another. Only when you truly listen to someone, you can give the right advice. This ensures that people appreciate you and trust you more and more. In short; when you take the time to actually listen to people you'll see that you get to know more people in less time and build relationships more easily.

Avoid jealousy and be happy for others

Have you ever had a friend that was so negative in life that you deliberately did not tell them about some of your experiences, because you were afraid that it was unfair to her? This kind of people often do not offer any support and are never happy for you. However it may be hard, these friends do nothing good for your mood and you should avoid them at any cost.

Make other people feel better

Everyone goes through periods when nothing seems to go right. It's easy to be there for them when it goes well, but it's also important to assist them in difficult times. Go and have a good talk with them, show them ideas and solutions and make it your mission to pull them out of a sad mood. Together we are stronger!

Be thankful

Life is packed with things we can be thankful for every day. Think of your health, that delicious chocolate bar, the warm temperatures in December and the love of your family. Take more time to reflect on everything you have. We often take it for granted, until it is too late. When you take the time to think about everything you are grateful for, you will soon find yourself feeling happier.

Be courteous in every situation

Thank you and please are the keywords. Be polite in every situation and you will leave a very good impression on others. This will build a strong makes foundation to build better relationships upon, for example in love, at work or in your dorm.

Always look for the good in people

It's easy to criticize people, but no human being is completely rotten. When you think negatively about someone, try to identify three positive treats they possess. Give people the benefit of the doubt rather than writing them off immediately.

Love yourself

Most important of all, since this is the basis of what you radiate. When you love yourself, you transform into a strong person with an irresistible attraction. A method to learn to love yourself is by stand in front of the mirror every morning, look yourself in the eye and mention everything that you're proud of (your beautiful eyes, strong calves, excellent condition, positive outlook on life and so on)