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10 Tips For Girl Bosses

Have confidence

You've come this far because you have the right qualities, including the courage to trust yourself and own the new position. Don't ever doubt yourself. Instead, be confident!

Do not be arrogant

A good dose of self-confidence has a positive effect on a group, but beware that you don't seem arrogant. Many people find arrogance unattractive, and they will then be less likely to cooperate with you.

Take action

Don't just tell people what to do, but suggest plans. Meet deadlines, work well and hard. No one ever said it's easy at the top.

Help your peers

Help them with the plans that you have established. Teach them how they can set their own goals and then let them do it themselves. A good leader has confidence in her teammates and lets everyone solve problems by using their own (creative) ways.

Be authentic

People will easily notice when you're faking it, so just be you. You're fine as you are and people will appreciate you for your authenticity.

Provide diversity 

A group of the people with similar views will not easily come up with creative solutions. Instead,
make sure you have a diversity of people and talents in your team!

Lead by example

Good leaders show the behavior they want to see from peers, at all times. People are likely to copy behavior of other members of the group, so make sure they have the right example to copy.

Take the time to deal with feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is difficult, but it's essential when working in a group. Individual and group feedback sessions get the best out of your group.

Remember the motives of the other group members

A leader has different motives than others. Remember (or discover!) why they do it and how you can motivate them to get the best out of themselves.

Invest in your group

Get to know every member of your group on a personal level. If you know each other better, it is also fun to work together.

Do you prefer to be a leader or a follower?