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10 Things You Should Do With Your BFF

"Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier"

1. Create and share a bucket list so you know exactly what things you still want to achieve together in life.

2. Give each other a makeover. Get a facial mask, get a manicure, a pedicure, paint each other's hair and make each other look nice.

3. When you are still looking perfect, it's time for a photo shoot. Which means you'll have nice pictures for your photo album again.

4. Go through your wardrobes and swap clothes. Why buy the same thing twice if you can borrow each other's clothes?

5. Take a road trip. Find a country on your bucket list get started. Or simply start driving and choose an uknown destination.

6. Organize a surprise party for another friend.

7. Relax & enjoy the most beautiful Disney films of the past. What movies were your favorites?

8. Truth or Dare! Challenge each other to tell you things you do not know about each other yet or give each other crazy missions. This can sometimes be hilarious.

9. Write each other a letter which you are only allowed to read only ten years later. Hide or bury it once you're finished.

10. Fill up a friends tag. The idea is that you fill in the answers for your BFF. How well do you know your BFF anyway? Compare the answers and see who has the most answers right!