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10 Signs That You're In Love

Butterflies in your stomach, thoughts that seem to wander and a wonderful, fuzzy feeling inside. Maybe you're in love?

Emotions, emotions and another emotions!

You'll find yourself laughing at a dull story your uncle always tells at a family gathering or you'll cry at the sight of Bambi (okay, we all have done that before). Your emotions cannot be controlled.

Itching in your belly

When you hear his name, when you think of him, when he sends you a sweet messages, the butterflies in your stomach go crazy. Ain't that a lovely feeling?!


Hours of staring at the ceiling before you fall asleep because you can only think of him.

What a feeling!

But you secretly enjoy it! A smile from ear to ear, you can not stop chatting about him and you have at your feet.

You dance, sing and skip through life

With a big smile through the shopping, dancing through your bedroom and singing in the shower.


You seem away from keyboard all the time. In your head you think you know how your names sound together and from thereon, the daydreams truly come to life. Your scriptures are filled with his name and hearts.

Your phone does not leave your side 

While you try to stay cool by not immediately replying to his texts, you wouldn't let your phone out of sight, not even for a second. Imagine you missing one of his sweet messages!

Keeping it cool

When someone asks if there's something going on with you, you pretend there's nothing wrong. In love? You? Hell no!

All love songs seem to be about you

That sappy song, the music your father loves, everything seems to you like a glove these days.


Unfortunately, often this feeling of uncertainty is a part of it too. Does he like me like I like him? Is my hair okay? Am I saying the right things to him? Try not to worry too much, enjoy yourself!

Have you ever been in love?