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10 Reasons Why Owning A Dog Is Awesome

Besties for life
Dogs will never let you down and they are always in for a cuddling session. They pick up on your emotions very quickly and therefore they will try to calm or comfort you. And now, lets just be honest; when your dog is with you, your mood usually changes very quickly.

Lots of love
Isn't it awesome that after a long day at work, you're welcomed by a furry friend that is happy to see you? Your best friend will always support you and give you nothing but pure love.

Warm welcome
Dogs do not have a very big sense of time and therefore they are always happy to see you again. Whether you come home after a long day at work or even if you were just on the toilet for a while, they are always in for a welcome hug.

You sleep better
Some people think it's dirty, others it's cozy: your dog will surely appreciate sleeping in your bed. New research shows that sleeping with your pet gives you a sense of safety and improves your happiness which is what will improve your sleeping routine.

It is your BFF
As mentioned before, your dog is always there for you. If you're very happy it will share your happiness, but also in bad times, it is there for you. He will always listens to you and he will lick away your tears. Have you ever had a friend who was sweet enough to do that? Well then.

Dogs are great hard workers. If your garden needs a plow, it will help you. You can even teach your friend commands such as fetching the newspaper. That means you'll never need to walk to your front door to get the newspaper anymore.

Long walks
Walking on your own is no fun but if you have to walk your dog it might seem like less of a punishment. Walking is also very healthy for you.

Dogs are always happy
Have you ever seen a sad dog? No, me neither. They always wag their tails and especially puppies are very fun. They will challenge you to stop smiling. Even if you're feeling a little less happy, they will manage to cheer you up.

Games help to strengthen the bond with your pet. In addition, you also have a nice outlet that way, you can empty your head and you'll have a lot of fun.

Dogs are incredibly funny
Sometimes they do things that will make you have a laugh. They run around crazily, make faces or bust a nice move. Dogs also look very guilty when they've done something wrong which will make you laugh.