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10 Lies You Tell Your Parents When You Live On Your Own

Parents will always worry about you. So to stop them from having a fatal heart attack, we sometimes lie to them.

I almost never drink

You will not tell your parents that you had a house party yesterday with alcohol flowing freely and abundantly. Luckily they can't see the dozens of empty wine bottles in the kitchen!

I cook almost every day

When your parents come to visit, you hide the large stack of empty boxes of pizza in one of the kitchen drawers. You also quite demonstratively put your pots on the stove. If your mother starts complaining that there are only unhealthy things in your refrigerator, you explain that you have already prepared all the fresh vegetables.

I have to go because I have to study

Just when you are about to go out, your mom calls you to ask how you're doing. You will talk to her a few minutes but when it takes too long, you apologize and you tell her you have to study for an important exam. You knows that the only legitimate reason why you're saying that is to stop talking to her.

I've just finished cleaning

When you went home you had promised your parents that you would clean your room / apartment (since they pay the rent). When they figure out that you have not washed your clothes for two weeks, they would immediately stop paying. You still have an old photo on your phone of when you had just cleaned your room. You will soon send it to show them how clean your place (still) is.

I'm not the only one who has failed that test

You know that your parents will be angry and sad when they hear that you have messed up your exam. You tell them the teacher made a mistake so that the whole class has achieved bad grades.

I have almost no time to go out

Your father wants you to pay enough attention to your studies and doesn't like it when you go out with your friends. You show him your most innocent face and say you have so much studying to do that you don't even have the time to leave the house.

I am busy 

You have agreed with your parents that they will pay all of your monthly expenses until you've found a steady job. When they ask how things are going with your job applications, you reply that it is very difficult to find a job in the big city, even after six months of living. There are hundreds of students who go for the same job, but you continue to try, though!

Sorry I did not call back, I was studying

When you lay on the couch with that cute guy, your mother calls your mobile phone twice. Because the boy you're with continued to sleep you couldn't call her back right away and when you do you quickly tell her you were studying before, but you were already asleep when she rang. You were in a coma so deep that you did not hear the phone.

No, I do not have a boyfriend. I have no time for that!

You definitely do not want your parents think those few failed tests are the result of the relationship you were in recently. Therefore, you continue to lie. Love? I? Nope. I don't even see any cute guys, I'm too busy for that!

I could not answer the phone last night, because I was already sleeping

While you were going crazy with your friends at the bar last Wednesday night, you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. You quickly checked to see who was calling and saw it were your parents. Answering was a bit tricky, so you decided to call back another day.

What lies do you tell your parents now that you live on your own?