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10 Friends We All Have

Friends are like family and they are, therefore, very important. You have them in all shapes and sizes, you probably recognize (at least one of) the following "types" of friends.

The single 

Yes, the friend who will be single forever and isn't ready to settle down just yet. But this friend seems rather talented when it comes to giving relationship advice which they should probably use more often themselves.

The thin one, who eats constantly

It seems very unfair if you're not like this friend. That one thin friend who can eat all they wants and still won't gain a pound. Secretly we are extremely jealous!

The sexist

Okay, let's just be honest, you feel like slapping this friend sometimes, if you could. When everything you say is answered by a rather sexist remark from this friend. Very annoying for you, but certainly for those around you guys.

Sarcasm to the max!

Yes, sarcasm is a great invention. Do you have a friend that you can not communicate with normally, but turns everything into sarcasm? Great! Especially when others can't see it's sarcasm.


Yeah, okay, I do, I will look, etc. Often you say things like that to your mother only, but this friend is very worried about you. That is a very good sign, but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming!

The laughing friend

Yes, this friend always laughs hysterically at absolutely everything.

What time is it?

And then there's this one friend who's always concerned about the time. In the beginning it is quite annoying, but you get used to it.

The clueless friend

And that was the 32th joke you've explained to them. Yes, of course one simply can not understand everything, but that one friend that you have to explain a joke twice to and even then it'll take them another five minutes to understand requires a lot of patience.

The selfie-lover

Of course, there's also this friend who has snapchat ready for action 24/7! Once in a while it's okay to post a selfie, but after the sixth selfie, it's about time to stop posting!

The party animal  

Yes, this party animal of a friend goes out every weekend and doesn't get back until sunrise. You'll always have fun with this friend and they are always ready to go party with you!

In addition to these ten kinds of friends we all have, of course, there's that one special person; your best friend! You often have your own language (often a sarcastic one) that others simply do not understand. You are often apathetic to anything and therefore always have fun. You're two peas in a pod and know everything about each other.