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10 Bad things that unhappy people do

Everyone has experienced feeling a little down. The glass seems half empty rather than half full and then it can be very difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet it is important to stay positive and avoid doing the next eleven things!

You worry about things you can not change

We all ask ourselves sometimes why and wonder how it could have played out if we had handled certain situations differently. However, it can be very unhealthy if you're stuck in that way of thinking and ask yourself "what if" continuously. This is because you simply can't change the choices you have made. So be happy with the choices you have made and do not worry about things you're not able to change.

By exercising more your mind and body get a boost. Your body makes a substance in your body that makes you start to feel happier when you engage in exercise. Also you get the opportunity to renounce all frustrations while exercising. Therefore, sports serve as a good outlet!

Setting unrealistic goals for yourself

Setting goals is extremely important as it is the only way to get things done! However, it can also be a negative factor in your if you set goals for yourself that you cannot reach. It'll make you feel unhappy and disappointed. The key to success and happiness is to set small goals for yourself. It feels fantastic when you have accomplished something and gives you motivation to set other goals.

You focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths

Of course we all have insecurities. To deal with this, it is important not to dwell on them, but rather to focus on your strengths. Everyone has weaknesses, but the key to happiness is to embrace these weaknesses. Don't let them stop you in life!

Unhealthy eating

Everyone has a unhealthy snack that they love and there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to something you like! However, people who are unhappy do not stop at a single treat, but make a habit of unhealthy eating. When you're not feeling well, a healthy diet is important. A healthy diet improves your mood, gives you more energy and is extremely good for your body! 

Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is extremely important! The amount of sleep you get determines how your mood and productivity will be the next day. Sometimes it seems to be a good idea to finish the work before heading to bed, but sleep should always come first!

Spending too much time on social media

This is a very important point! Nowadays, everyone turns to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Everyone exposes themselves on these platforms and many try to make their lives seem as perfect as possible. People who compare themselves with others on social media can become very unhappy, because their life is not as perfect another person's life may seem. This can lower your self-esteem enormously, while your life is in fact, really beautiful and fun! Do you recognize yourself in this? Then put your phone away every once in a while and live in the only world that really matters: the real world.

Talking negatively about others

People who are not happy, make others look worse by gossiping. Don't engage in such behavior and you'll most certainly feel better about yourself too.

Too much work

If you work too much, chances are that you lose yourself in the progress and it can sometimes become rather overwhelming. It is important to schedule some time for yourself.

Isolating yourself from the world

When everything is at it's worst, it seems easy to quit your social life. However, this is not the solution. Spend time with your family and best friends, it'll make you feel better!